Collecting: J. Deller & A. Kane's Folk Archive

" Joseph Grimaldi Egg", The Clowns Gallery, Dalston, London.

"Tractor Painting on Van", Delabole, Cornwall, 2002.

"Skull Crash Helmet", 2000, by Stuart (Sam) Hughes of Bikeart, Charlton, London.

"Cigarette Funeral Wreath", by Andy McCaren / Kent News and Pictures or KNP.

"Snowdrop the Mechanical Elephant", 2004, The Clare Family, Egremont, Cumbria.

"St John’s Ambulance Pin Cushion", Yorkshire 1999, by Rachel Williams.

"From our two small collections of modest objects and pictures and an ensuing conversation about the Millenium Dome’s corporate representation of the UK, the question arose for us as to what might constitute present day folk art. Some seven years later, Folk Archive is our response to this question and our celebration of the creative life of Britain.


Jeremy Deller and Alan Kane, Preface to Folk Archive, Book Works London, 2005.