From Mihnea Mircan

In response to your invitation to be a "correspondant" of the project Insiders, I decided to contribute 4 images. All of them I have retrieved from various media sources over the past year. There are two pairs, and they all revolve around questions of architecture and individual inscription in the city. I hope you will agree this is one way of visualizing folkloric space.

[1] [2]


The 1st shows the 'architecture park' in China where replica of worldwide monuments have been built, the 2nd shows a scene following the Sichuan earthquake, the 3rd shows portraits of people killed in drug-related conflicts in a favela, while the 4th deserves a lengthier explanation. The company Maggi makes soups, when you buy the soup you get a small red heart-shaped sticker that you need to apply on your window. People from Maggi might pass your street and notice the sticker - in this case your loyalty is rewarded with a coffee maker for instance. The people from the favela needed to paint a huge sign to get their coffee maker, because central Caracas is so far away from the favela itself, hope all this makes sense.

Mihnea Mircan